Fighting For The Biblical Worldview

Nov 19, 2023    Eddie Williams

Do you ever wonder how society's shifting perspectives on marriage and sex are impacting your relationships? We're peeling back layers of cultural messaging this final sermon of our Song of Songs series--tackling the challenging terrain of societal norms, promiscuity, divorce, and cohabitation. We're discussing how the media, the internet, and popular culture are shaping our views on relationships, and we're offering a counter-narrative rooted in the biblical vision found in the Song of Songs.

As we wrap up this series, we're not just talking about the problems, we're exploring solutions from a biblical perspective. We're diving into the purpose and design of marriage, and how this divine blueprint goes beyond self-gratification and personal happiness. We're also discussing the importance of Godly self-care within relationships, and shedding light on the vital role of open communication, grace, and understanding past experiences. Whether you're single or married, we're addressing the common challenges many of us face in our pursuit of meaningful relationships. We're acknowledging the struggles that can surface in marriage, sharing insights on how to reconnect and seek healing, but would invite you to engage with us as we navigate the complexities of intimacy in relationships, and the impact of individual wholeness, on physical intimacy and more fulfilling relationships.


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