Required Qualifications:
This candidate must have:
-a sense of calling to vocational ministry
-strong musical and vocal abilities
-at least two years experience leading worship in church gatherings
-a basic understanding of music set preparation and music composition
-character in alignment with the description of deacons in 1 Tim 3
-the ability to self-manage timelines, projects, and workload
-ability to competently care for our volunteers
-an established pattern of spiritual health including spiritual practices such as prayer, sabbath, and reading God's word

The leader in this role should expect:
-clear goals and objectives for the present and a vision for the future
-a healthy staff environment
-a voice that matters and the frequent invitation for input
-pastoral care and funding for emotional health resources
-to work 40-45 hours a week, slightly more in peak seasons, and less in rest seasons
-to be paid a livable salary for our area
-to participate in all staff functions and parties...we do a lot of fun things together
-to be supported by their staff team and congregation
-to participate in the discipleship rhythms of the church like any member

This leader can expect development in:
-preparing a gospel centered liturgy
-leading the ministry with a clear vision
-training your team and setting culture
-holding auditions
-establishing a balanced worship catalog, theologically robust and true to the breadth of human experience
-making the best use of administrative and technology tools
-speaking confidently and clearly on stage

Compensation for this role: 
is very competitive as informed by cost of living in our region. Details on the range offered will be provided once an application is received. Salary within the determined range will  be based on relevant experience and candidate strength. In addition to salary, FT employees receive an employee benefits package that includes all major health insurances, life/disability insurance, matching contributions to retirement savings and more.

Things you should know about Doxa gatherings:
-we pull from a wide range of tribes and sources for songs but care deeply about the theology of what we sing
-we typically have a standard 5-piece band on stage but also will from time to time implement classical instruments and strip things down as well
-our music and tech volunteers tend to stick around a long time, which we hope says a lot about our culture
-we really do love our volunteers and this role needs to understand why they are worthy of honor and gratitude

Reports to: 
Donald Zimmerman, our Arts and Liturgy Pastor

If this role is interesting to you or someone you know, let us know at the contact form below!



APPRENTICESHIPS: Clarify your calling.

Apprenticeships at Doxa are designed to give hands-on experience in vocational ministry. Ranging from 4-12 months, the ultimate purpose is to strengthen your ministry gifts and clarify your vocational calling. Many of our previous interns/apprentices have gone on to full time vocational ministry, and all have received clarity about what they want to pursue in the future. Throughout the apprenticeship you should expect:

-specialized training in different ministry departments
-very competitive compensation
-personal investment from our elders and staff
-to clarify your calling and gifts
-inclusion to staff outings, parties, and team events
-to directly impact ministry outcomes
-lots of laughter...we take team culture serious and have a lot of fun

We believe our internship uniquely provides a dynamic mix of theological education, spiritual formation, and hands-on experience.

All interns are asked to participate in our Sunday gatherings when able and be a part of any of our community options at Doxa (we'll help you figure this part out!) Interns must be at least 18 years old and be living a life that reflects the character described in 1 Timothy 3:8-13.

We've trained many different kinds of leaders in almost all of our ministry departments in the past. We have found that responsibilities and compensation are best determined based on the candidate's background and experience. The compensation we offer these roles for qualified candidates is VERY competitive and will be offered after 30 days to those with clear calling and ability in their department.


Doxa has different roles available based on staffing needs, funding, and the strategic vision of the elders. Below is a list of openings (note that we welcome those who want to apply for multiple roles totaling up to 30 hours, if relevant experience applies to more thane category):

Skill-set: Loves to see God work in the life of students 6th grade - 12th grade, self-managed, and dependable. Administrative, event planning, or basic teaching skills are a plus.
Designed to: Provide hands-on experience and equipping for those looking to serve with middle school and high school students. Opportunities will be provided to gain an understanding of the multi-faced components of youth ministry and the unique ways it plays out in a church of missional communities.
Reports to: Generations Discipleship Pastor - Justin Kim

Skill-set: Solid foundation in Photoshop and Illustrator, is self-managed, creative, dependable. Project management and strong communication skills are a must.
Designed to: train you in how graphics and visual communication affect the brand of an organization and reinforce clarity in messaging.
Reports to: Arts and Liturgy Pastor - Donald Zimmerman

Skill-set: Self-managed, competent with iWork, strong communication skills, relevant administrative experience.
Designed to: Understand the structural and administrative side of running a church.
Reports to: Executive Pastor - Tim Patton

Skill-set: Basic familiarity with Adobe Creative suite, particularly Adobe Premiere.
Designed to: work first hand with broadcast equipment, editing sermons, worship, and any special event videos. Will experience the inner workings of producing a church gathering with modern audio and video equipment. Learn the knowledge and skills for troubleshooting equipment.
Reports to: Arts and Liturgy Pastor - Donald Zimmerman

Skill-set: Self-motivated, strong problem solver with a basic understanding of audio/video/lighting/networking environments, the desire to learn, and a passion to amplify the communication of the Gospel.
Designed to: Provides a holistic overview of, and hands-on experience in a pro-level live AVL environment. Participants should walk away with an understanding of technical systems, event logistics, and experience leading/shepherding teams in an environment where excellence is valued, but the Gospel is foremost.  
Reports to: Director of Production & Technology - Justin Hugus

Skill-set: Solid foundation in Photoshop and Illustrator, is self-managed, creative, dependable. Project management and strong communication skills are a must. understanding basic branding/copywriting is helpful.
Designed to: teach train and strengthen awareness of effective communication in churches, how to design and evaluate communication campaigns, and reinforce clarity in messaging. Particularly strong candidates may be considered for a part-time role after 90 days.
Reports to: Arts and Liturgy Pastor - Donald Zimmerman

If any of these interest you, please let us know at the link below and we'll walk you through the application process:

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