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Welcome families of all shapes and sizes!
We are so glad you are checking out Doxa and the Kids Ministry.  Here are a few things to know for your first visit:

We use a check in system through Planning Center that provides a matching safety code for you and your kids.  Check in begins 15 minutes before the gathering and closes about 20 minutes after the gathering begins. If you are new to Doxa Kids, please arrive a few minutes early as it will take about 5 minutes to add your family to the system.  You will need to set up you own contact information first before adding kids, which allows us to contact you during the gathering if needed. Any Doxa Family team member can help you with the check in process. Our classrooms are organized by age/grade - more info on our classrooms below!

Sunday's are essential, but not sufficient for our discipleship. Part of our discipleship is talking as a family about what we learned on Sunday and applying it to the rest of the week.  These weekly discussion guides are here to help you. You can find current and past resources on the Discussion Guides page.

Parents, no one will have a bigger impact on your kids than you. That is why Doxa Kids partners with parents to make disciples of Jesus in the everyday stuff of our kids’ lives. We value all the “normal” environments our kids live in (home, school, play, church) and see them as essential to the holistic growth of a kid.

Family Life
The home is the first environment where kids learn the affection of God the Father and their identity as children of God. This is done through parents/guardians modeling their own Gospel Identity to their kids and inviting them into worshiping Jesus through regular rhythms of life.

Missional Communities
A family's inner circle of their faith community is where kids see what it means to be a part of the body of Christ, the church. At Doxa, we call that inner circle a Missional Community. It's where we live life-on-life, life-in-community, and life-on-mission.  Here we display what we believe about who God is, what he has done, who we are, and what we are to do. We want kids to learn through missional community that real community is essential, beautiful and requires hard work.

Sunday Gatherings
Doxa Kids focuses on age-appropriate learning environments set in age/grade classrooms for Sunday Gatherings. Each classroom is paired with a phase of development and geared towards learning the story of God as well as hearing the good news of Jesus each week. Classrooms teach not just for knowledge, but for heart transformation.


Sunday Classroom Offerings:
Array of Hedgehogs Class:  1 yr
Scurry of Squirrels Class:  2 yrs - 3 yrs
Parliament of Owls Class: 4 yrs - PreK
Skulk of Foxes Class: K - 2nd grade
Sleuth of Bears Class: 3rd - 4th grade
(Looking for info for your 5th grade and older kid? Ask us about Student Ministry.)

Think of Doxa Kids like a co-op, those who use it, serve to make it happen.  We are asking all parents and those who are passionate to reach the next generation to get involved on a regular basis. Join the Doxa Kids Team today!

A few benefits of serving in Doxa Kids:
-models for your kids to contribute to the needs of the local church
-connects you to parents of other similar-aged children
-trains you how to be a better disciple of your kids
-benefits the kids and fellow teachers as you use the gifts God has given you

“After serving in Doxa kids, I've found I walk with my daughter with more confidence. I speak with her using her language and level of understanding.  She recently decided to follow was an amazing experience!”

-father of 2nd grader

Sunday Mornings

9:00am & 11:00am

All classrooms are open at both gatherings. If your child requires deaf interpretation, please let us know below.

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