At Doxa we offer care for all ages and stages of life; whether you’re seeking some gospel counsel or resources, want to meet with an elder, or are taking your first steps toward marriage.  


Hurt, brokenness, and sin have been part of the human experience since Adam and Eve chose to disobey God. As a result, suffering and brokenness is part of our normal, everyday lives. Often, we need a trusted shepherd to help us make sense of our disorientation and pain when it becomes overwhelming or confusing. Gospel Care is for anyone who may be:

  • struggling with some recurring pattern of sin or addiction 
  • continually troubled by the effects of some deep personal wound 
  • unable or unwilling to forgive another 
  • struggling with anxiety, anger, depression, grief/loss, etc. 
  • feeling stalled in their growth as a disciple or questioning their faith or beliefs 
  • experiencing difficulties in their relationships (marriage, parents/children, friendships, etc) 
  • facing difficult life experiences (trauma, abuse, job loss, transition) 
Anyone desiring Gospel Care, or who desires to speak with an elder, should complete a request form by clicking on the "Request Gospel Care" link below. 
(Please know we value your privacy. This form is confidential.)


Are you dating? Or already engaged? Join us for our next, half hour, Premarital Sync to learn more about the premarital process at Doxa and take your first step. We are committed to helping men and women understand what God has to say about marriage and equip them to carry out his glorious purposes for this important lifelong covenantal relationship. The premarital process has two sequential modules: 1.) a Foundations Class, and 2.) Private Mentoring.

Anyone desiring Premarital should sign up for a Premarital Sync by clicking on the link below.


Doxa has built relationship with several care providers locally; therapists, gospel-centered counselors, etc. Based on availability, severity, and area of gospel care, we may make a recommendation for a Doxa member to pursue care under one of our partner providers. Referrals are available at the link below.

Questions about Gospel Care?

Please email our team below.