At Doxa we offer care for all ages and stages of life; whether you’re seeking some gospel counsel or resources, want to meet with an elder, or are taking your first steps toward marriage.  


Hurt, brokenness, and sin have been part of the human experience since Adam and Eve chose to disobey God. As a result, suffering and brokenness is part of our normal, everyday lives. Often, we need a trusted shepherd to help us make sense of our disorientation and pain when it becomes overwhelming or confusing. Gospel Care is for anyone who may be:

  • struggling with some recurring pattern of sin or addiction 
  • continually troubled by the effects of some deep personal wound 
  • unable or unwilling to forgive another 
  • struggling with anxiety, anger, depression, grief/loss, etc. 
  • feeling stalled in their growth as a disciple or questioning their faith or beliefs 
  • experiencing difficulties in their relationships (marriage, parents/children, friendships, etc) 
  • facing difficult life experiences (trauma, abuse, job loss, transition) 
Anyone desiring Gospel Care, or who desires to speak with an elder, should complete a request form by clicking on the "Request Gospel Care" link below. 
(Please know we value your privacy. This form is confidential.)


Premarital Mentoring at Doxa provides an opportunity for couples to engage in meaningful conversations that speak to the love, connection, and health of a Biblical marriage during the unique time of engagement. This process is not premarital counseling, but a relational ministry focused on a Christ-centered vision of self, spouse, community, and God. Doxa Premarital Mentoring allows you to better understand how a gospel-centered Christian worldview should shape and inform your marriage.

Premarital Mentoring is available to couples that are Doxa members or those who attend regularly and desire to become members prior to the mentoring process. Approved couples will be paired with a trained mentor couple who offer wisdom, a passion for marriage, and a deep love for Christ.

We require all Premarital Mentoring requests to be submitted at least six months before the wedding date. The process is free for couples. Couples are only required to pay for books (one for each).

So how does it work? 
  •  Couples are assigned mentors and together they determine a meeting schedule that best works. These sessions could be short or long, spread out or condensed. 
  • Couples will meet with mentors at least 5 or more times depending on length of sessions, prework completed, or other factors. 
  • Plan on approximately an hour of reading, journaling responses to the questions prior to each session. 
  • Most of the discussions and topics are based on the book, Catching Foxes: A Gospel-Guided Journey to Marriage by John Henderson, which also served as a workbook for journaling and responses. 
  • Couples will receive prayer, practical wisdom, and opportunities to ask questions. 
  • The couple will complete several self-assessments that will help surface possible areas that may require additional attention including professional therapy if needed. 
  • Each session is designed to facilitate formative conversations in a relaxed setting where couples are free to share and inquire as they feel comfortable. 
  • Each will be challenged personally with a safe place to process with the mentors. 
  • Plans can be made for Doxa Elder officiants for the ceremony if available. 

Interested in receiving Premarital Mentoring?  Click on the link below. 


Doxa has vetted and built relationship with New Ground Counseling, a network of licensed Christian therapists. This is a gospel-centered practice that provides their care from a biblical perspective as they counsel their clients. They have a wealth of information about their practice, their various therapists, and how to get started on their website. Click the link below to learn more about New Ground Counseling.  

Questions about Gospel Care?

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