The Standard Of Beauty In The Bible And In Culture

Oct 22, 2023    Eddie Williams

Have you ever thought about the role beauty plays in your marriage? Ever tried to reconcile the mixed signals our culture sends us about beauty? In this section of Song of Songs, we take a look at the praises and compliments lavished by the man on his wife, and how these praises center around her beauty. We take a deep dive into the biblical vision of marriage, drawing from the Song of Songs to examine the beauty of reflecting God's image in our relationships.

We don't just stop at physical beauty however--we explore how a person's character can reflect the image of God back to us and the power it holds in relationships. We navigate through the complexities of beauty, discussing how it compels us towards our purpose and delve into the standards of beauty in marriage and how they differ from the ever-changing, unrealistic cultural standards we're faced with day after day. In the digital age, beauty has been weaponized, but, we can look to Jesus to fulfill the God-given desires at work within us, even as culture tries to sell us the lie that fulfillment is only a click away. Join us for this compelling episode where we peel back the layers on beauty, love, and the complex dynamics that play out in a marriage.


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