This Is My Friend

Oct 15, 2023    Donald Zimmerman

Have you ever considered the powerful relevance of Song of Songs in shaping our current understanding of relationships and marriage? In today's sermon, we take a deep, thoughtful look at this ancient biblical text, exploring its vibrant take on the essence of true friendship. We'll unpack its key attributes – constancy, care, candor, and counsel and navigate the often-rough terrain of finding genuine friends in our modern context. We draw a line between transparency and vulnerability and illustrate why friendship requires a mutually beneficial openness.

To wrap our discussion, we take a closer look at the crucial role friendship plays in marriage, colored by physical love, friendship love, and the steadfast love of commitment. We question how the term 'friend' has evolved in our culture and compare this shift to the biblical concept of friendship. Moreover, we look at Jesus' friendship and his embodiment of constancy, care, candor, and counsel. We don't just stop there, but provide practical tips on how we can restore and strengthen our relationships, taking Jesus as our role model. So, join us in this enlightening journey as we dissect relationships from a biblical perspective.


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