God's Good Design For Sex And Marriage

Oct 29, 2023    Eddie Williams

Join use as we explore what chapter 7 of the Song of Songs can teach us in 2023. We examine the intricate sexual experience between the man and woman described in chapter seven, touching on how the poem gives a fresh perspective on the sanctity of sex and marriage. Our bodies are masterfully designed to be beautiful, arousing, and love inducing--but culture often encourages entitlement towards these bodies, and misconceptions arise from this.

We'll take a look at how culture today separates personhood from the body, and how that affects sexuality, sexual freedom, and gender identity. We look again at the value-person-body split and its implications on the LGBTQIA+ movement, sexual freedom, and gender identity. Ultimately, we reflect on God's divine design for sex and marriage and how Jesus guides us to what we truly desire. Listen in as we discuss the teachings of Jesus and the original intention of God's design, sin's impact on relationships and identity, culture's impact on body image, and the salvation that comes through Jesus' unconditional love.


Song of Songs, Marriage, Sex, Nancy Pearcey, Love Thy Body, Fact-Value Split, Person-Body Split, LGBTQIA Movement, Sexual Freedom, Gender Identity, Sin, Relationships, Identity, Culture, Body Image, Salvation, Jesus, Unconditional Love