Walls Vs. Doors

Nov 12, 2023    Eddie Williams

Have you ever considered how a thousand-year-old love poetry might be relevant to your modern love life? Our latest sermon takes you on a deep dive into the Song of Songs and its depiction of sex and marriage. Anchoring this exploration is our reading of Song of Songs, chapter 8, verses 8-14. This week, we look at the essence of being "set apart" and choosing purity as we navigate sex, marriage, and relationships. We consider the concept of holiness, as a call to value our bodies and our relationship with God. Taking cues from Solomon's and the woman's vineyard, we explore what devotion to God looks like and how it necessitates a distinction from worldly pleasures. Moreover, we delve into things that might be hindering spiritual growth--highlighting the transformative role repentance plays in overcoming such obstacles. We lay bare the battle with demonic accusations that block liberation in Christ and urge against blaming others for our sins. We instead highlight how Jesus' sacrifice purges us of our sins and gifts us a new life. 


Sex, Marriage, Song of Songs, Purity, Commitment, Spiritual Growth, Repentance, Jesus, Sacrifice, Cleansing, Redemption, Transformation, Doxa, Redmond, Seattle, Eastside, Church