Music Team

"Joy and thanksgiving expressed in prayer and praise according to the word of God are the heart of the church's worship."

-John Calvin

What kind of music is played at Doxa?

On any given Sunday you can expect to hear a mix of hymns from church history, modern songs, as well as some original songs written by Doxa members. We include this mix in an effort to have a balanced "worship diet", incorporating songs from our history as believers as well as songs coming out of the Church today. We balance songs of celebration and reflection, and also seek to tell all aspects of the gospel through the songs we sing. All songs, whether new or old, are theologically reviewed and our liturgy each Sunday (including the music)thematically ties in to the passage of scripture we are teaching that day.

Current Music Team Opportunities:

Doxa believes that artist and musicians are an important part of the church family and capture the beauty and majesty of God's kingdom.


We are currently accepting applications for our Sunday gathering team. Highest needs are guitarists and drummers, but there are openings at every position. We also love string and orchestra musicians! Learn more about next steps and the expectation of team members at the link below.


Doxa students are building their first ever student-led music team. If your student is interested, help them fill out the application at the link below.

Does Doxa have any recordings of its music?

Yes! We have a catalog of lyric videos we recorded during COVID when our church was unable to gather together. They are a great resource for home worship as well. We also have other audio recordings we've compiled over the years. We hope to do more recording in 2023, so keep an eye out for that!



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