Because we changed giving platforms during the 2022 calendar year, you'll want to access your Doxa giving data on both Church Community Builder (CCB) and Subsplash for tax time.

For those who gave through CCB:

  1. CCB is now turned off (Apr 3, 2023) so please reach out to Pastor Tim here if you are looking for your CCB statement.

*Note that giving data from CCB prior to September 23, 2022 was imported into Subsplash and will all show up as gifts on 9/23/22 in your Subsplash statement. Be careful not to double count them at tax time.

For those who gave through Subsplash:

If you have not already received a giving statement from Doxa, you will receive an email with a giving statement attached from Subsplash within the next week.

If anything is unclear, we are here to help. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Pastor Tim with any questions ([email protected]).
Thank you for your generosity Doxa!