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Premarital Ministries

Premarital Ministries

Doxa Church is committed to helping men and women understand what God has to say about marriage and equip you to carry out his glorious purposes for this important and lifelong relationship. We believe that investing some time now, will help your marriage grow to become the reflection of who God is and great blessing he intends for men and women living in the covenantal commitment of marriage.  Both dating and engaged couples are encouraged to attend.

These classes will help you understand God’s purposes for marriage and how you can prepare for a for a marriage that will glorify God and last a lifetime. To that end, let me take a minute to describe what’s available to help you down this road.

The premarital training process has two modules that are sequential: 



This is the starting line for all dating and engaged couples at Doxa. In the Foundations class we present our core teaching on the biblical basis for a marriage that glorifies God. It meets twice, over the course of a month for two hours each time. We have both lecture and table discussion time led by a table leader. Generally, these classes address what the Bible has to say about:

  • God's Purpose of Marriage
  • How God Created Us to Relate to Men and Women

To register for the Fall 2017 class, click the button below.




After you’ve completed the Premarital Foundations Class, your course instructor will share with you how to register for our second module called:  Private Premarital Mentoring. These sessions are available only to engaged Covenant Members of Doxa who have finished the two sessions of the Premarital Foundations Class. Premarital mentoring consists of four 2-hour Private Premarital Mentoring Sessions that address the following areas:

  • Personal History and Prepare / Enrich Assessment
  • Redeeming Your Marriage
  • Money and Marriage
  • Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

Please be aware that all your homework assignments are to be completed before you can sit down with your mentoring couple for the first session. (You may take a sneak peek at these assignments at this link.) You're welcomed and encouraged to start reading the books right away.

I Want To Be Married By a Doxa Elder

Here is a link to information for any couple requesting that a Doxa elder perform their wedding ceremony. This document will take you step by step through our requirements so that we can consider your request. Please familiarize yourself with this content and during your first mentoring session you may ask your mentor to provide the link to the Wedding Officiant Request Form. At that time we encourage you to fill out and submit the form as soon as possible so that we can consider your request.


At Doxa Church we marry those who are members of Doxa Church. Our qualifications for membership are: (a) A personal commitment of faith in Jesus Christ for salvation​ (b) baptism by immersion as a testimony of salvation (c) affirmation of the foundational theology and teaching at Doxa Church (d) affirmation of membership covenant. You can find out more about membership here.