Doxa Professionals

Making disciples in the everyday stuff of professional life.

There are now more single adults and professionals than married adults in the U.S. Yet the church often focuses primarily on serving couples and families. As a result, single professionals may feel undervalued and undeserved, causing them to look elsewhere for spiritual nourishment and community engagement. Our desire and vision is to be a place where single professionals can come and find spiritual nourishment and experience genuine community and friendships.

Our vision is to make disciples in the everyday stuff of professional life. Doxa Professionals (DP) exists to encourage professionals aged twenty-six and above to live life with Jesus, life in community, and life on mission.

WHO: 25 and above, co-ed, mostly non-married.

Current Meetups

BOARD GAME NIGHTS - Fridays 6:30pm-10:30pm

A fun evening of board games and hanging out.
It's great opportunity to meet new people.

PANCAKE & PRAYER - 1ST Saturday of the month /  9am

Everyone welcome. Food provided.

Meet our 'Doxa Professional' leaders.

PASTOR JUSTIN KIM and JOHN EVERY are here to serve you at Doxa Professionals.
They are passionate about seeing DP be a place that's easy to connect and grow in your walk with Jesus.

Doxa Professionals

Meet some friends. Grow in your faith.

Making disciples on the Eastside means connecting our faith to our work. Doxa Professionals is a place where that training and conversation can happen, as well as getting to meet some great new people.

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