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Art & Story Team

Doxa believes that artists are important in the Kingdom. If you're an artist that wants to tell stories with us, email us and we'll arrange time to talk!


Donald loves seeing the arts freshly communicate the unchanging gospel. His background is both local and national in nature. He helped plant a local church in Reno, NV that grew from 20 college students in a bible study to a multi-site church of over 3,000. He served on the executive elder team there for several years and led the graphic designers, painters, sculptors, videographers, and artists of all kinds that called that church home to produce dozens of art pieces.

Donald has toured extensively with music acts and an improv comedy group, released six worship albums over the years and had had a few songs on the radio, but what he loves the most is seeing a local body of believers be passionate in their response to God's work in their life


Donald oversees Doxa's artsists and creatives by directing our sermon series campaigns, producing videos, curating the art gallery and leading the musicians that lead worship during Sunday gatherings.


Lauryn Walsh - Campaigns & Gallery Curation
Leanna Retterath - Concept & Craft Design
Shaun Keenan - Illustrations
Alex Abuan - Animations
Sarah Von Sprecken - Photography Team Lead


What kind of artists serve at Doxa?
We love seeing a wide variety of artistic gifts come together to serve te church and tell our story. To date, we've had sculpture, painting, craft-making, animation, video storytelling, photography, vinyl application, illustration, grafiti, and typography...just to name a few. Whether you love fine arts, digital design, or getting behind a camera, there is a place for you to join us.

How do you select projects?
Our sermon schedule is completed a year in advance, so that helps offer some direction for our projects. We'll focus on the central themes of the upcoming series, and hash our our concept phase together, then asign specific roles to artists based on craft and availablilty.

Have any questions for our team? Want to jump in with us?
Email us at:

Pastor Donald


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On occasion we have special events that are designed to train artists on mission, and expose our church body to new forms of communicating the unchanging gospel message.